Popular Music Genres To Go Global

5 Popular Music Genres To Go Global – For music lovers, you must already understand and understand various types of music genres. As you know, the world of music is something that has no end or can be called without limits.

There are also many music genres because each country has a very distinctive type of music for its inhabitants. Not to mention including the regions of each population and their own country. In this world there are so many types of tribes and races, each of which also has regional songs and has different musical genres.

There are various types of music in this world, but only a few genres are popular to foreign countries or internationally. This is because not all genres of music or songs can be accepted by everyone in this world. Surely everyone’s ears must have different tastes in music.

However, the world of music has continued to develop until now, many new music genres are born and have various types of genres in this world. So the world of music really has no end for music lovers and they always create various types of unique songs even today.

5 Popular Music Genres To Go Global

In addition to the various types of music genres in this world, the musical instruments used have also followed technological developments, even though they are new, this new music genre is able and immediately becomes popular worldwide.

Well, here the admin will explain a little about 5 music genres that are now popular worldwide. As follows :

  • Jazz

Jazz music genre known in the 19th century which was adopted from the music culture of West Africa and Europe. Then developed in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century. In jazz music includes several music genres such as blues, ragtime and European band music.

Jazz music is usually played using a violin, piano, saxophone, bass, drums, guitar, trombone and trumpet. The hallmark of jazz music is very light and comfortable to listen to. The best popular jazz singers of all time include Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis and many more. Meanwhile, Indonesia has jazz musicians such as Erwin Gutawa, Indra Lesmana, Monita Tahalea, Tompi and many more.

  • Rock

Music genre rock is synonymous with the electric guitar which is the main instrument, after which the bass and drums follow. Eat, the music sounds so loud, rocky and energetic.

Rock music adopted from other music such as blues, jazz, country and classical. This genre was known in the 50s, until in the late 60s and early 70s this genre developed into several types that mixed with folk music, became folk rock, and merged with other musical genres. World famous rock bands like Gun N Roses, Queen, Pink Floyd and others.

  • Pop

The popularity of the pop music genre seems never ending. In every country there is always a song with this genre. Even though it has changed the ages, the pop music genre still exists. Pop genre was popular in Indonesia in the 70s to 80s.

Since its appearance until now, pop music still has the audience, even though it is the most from other genres. The word pop itself comes from the word popular, which originated in the United States and Britain in the mid-50s. Popular pop musicians include The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera and many more.

This pop song seems to never die, has passed through various ages and generations are still not eroded. In fact, as if there was no death. There are so many world and international pop singers.

  • EDM

EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music which appeared around the 80-90s. It’s just that, it has grown in popularity as recently as the 2000s. This genre tends to be favored by millennials. This music genre can be called modern music because it uses electronic musical instruments.

This music is usually played at night clubs and festivals. EDM music is usually played by a DJ (Disc Jockey). Famous EDM musicians who are loved by young people include Zedd, Calvin Harris, the late Avicii, and others. While Indonesia has Soundwave personnel, Rini ex Indonesian Idol and her husband, Jevin Julian, there has also recently been a viral international success with her song titled Lathi, namely Weird Genius.

  • R&B

R&B stands for Rhytm and Blues. It is popular music that contains several music genres: jazz, gospel, and blues. R&B music was first recognized by African-American musicians. The genre of R&B music popular in America around the 90s was aimed at black people.

But over time, R&B music as black music became music that was enjoyed by the whole world. Typical of this music are the more thematic lyrics and prominent musical beats. Famous R&B singer such as Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Rihanna and others.

So that’s the explanation about the music genre which is now very popular in the world to foreign countries. If you are a music lover, you must be familiar with music – music that is played using the 5 genres above.

Music can also be a tool to relieve stress and fatigue. Even this music can also be a means of therapy. The benefits of this music itself are still many and you can find them. Thanks You.

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