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Understanding Music and the History of Music in the World

Understanding Music and the History of Music in the World – Music is a sound or that is arranged in such a way as to form a harmony consisting of rhythms and songs produced from musical instruments and human voices and other sound instruments so that they become one and are able to create sounds that can be received by the human ear.

Basically music is also a kind of intuitive phenomenon to create, improve and present a form of art. Music can also be used as an entertainment tool. But there are many other uses of music that can be useful for many people.

Music can also be a work of sound art that is able to convey a thought, feeling and a meaning that cannot be expressed in words. The composition of the music itself includes rhythm, melody, harmony, song structure forms and expressions.

It can also be used as a tool for encouragement, because music is a sound that is structured so that it creates unique sounds that can help the human mind become clearer. Just imagine if in this world there was no music and other sounds, what would happen would be very quiet. How can humans live in solitude alone?

Life will certainly be more fun if we listen to the sounds that can shape our spirit in essence. Even music itself can provide new colors in this world so that it can entertain people in the world.

History of Music Development in the World

Music according to history began in the 2nd century and 3rd century BC. The history of music itself has existed since ancient times and was then used as a tool to accompany the ceremonies of certain tribes and residents.

Changes in the history of music started from the middle ages which was due to changes in the state of the music world which was increasing and getting more advanced. But the history of music itself doesn’t stop there.

After passing through the Middle Ages, precisely in the era of renaissance which means the rebirth of a high level of culture that has disappeared since ancient Roman times. The progress of music in this era is shown by the existence of new music genres such as Baroque and Rococo.

In 1750, after the end of the history of Baroque and Rococo music, classical music emerged. This music is characterized by the use of its dynamics from hard to soft. Then the tempo also got faster. The use of 3-tone accodr, limited ornamental use. And in this modern era, music has entered various electronic media with various musical genres such as pop, rock, jazz, Hip Hop, R & B and all kinds of other musical genres that exist throughout the world.

World Music Development In The World

From the 2nd and 2nd centuries, in China and Egypt there was a music that had a certain form and structure. Due to the influence of Egypt and Babylon, Hebrew music developed which later also developed into music in the church.

This music is very liked by the community because of the players who wander and sing songs and music using musical instruments so that it creates a very neat sound and is well received by the human body.

The music spread throughout Europe then grew, and instrumental music developed rapidly. After there were improvements to musical instruments, for example the violin and cello. Then came the Orgel musical instrument. Great composers appeared in Germany, France, Italy and Russia. In the 19th century, a sense of nationality began to wake up and develop.
Therefore, the development of music broke according to their respective nationalities, even though at the beginning they both had a Romantic style. Starting in the 20th century, France became a pioneer with Impressionistic music which was soon replaced with Expressionistic music.

Development of Music History Based on Age and Ages

Music itself develops according to the era and century, therefore see the continuation of this article. Admin will share a little about the development of music from times and centuries as you didn’t know before.

  • Middle Ages

The medieval period of cultural history is the period between the end of the Roman Empire (476 AD) to the Age of Christian Reformation by Marthen Luther (1572 AD). The development of music in this era was caused by changes in world conditions that were increasing, which led to new discoveries in all fields, including culture.

The change in the history of music is that music is no longer focused on religious interests but is also used for worldly affairs (as a means of entertainment). The next development was an improvement in musical writing and the basics of music theory developed by Guido d ‘Arezzo (1050 AD). Music using several voices developed in Western Europe. Greogrian music perfected by Pope Gregory.

  • Renaissance Period (1500 – 1600)

The Renaissance Period is the era after the Middle Ages, Renaissance means Rebirth of a high level of Culture that was lost in the Roman Period. Music is studied with special characteristics, for example, love songs, songs of heroism. On the other hand, Church music declined. At this time the Piano and Organ musical instruments were known, so that Instrumental music emerged. In the city of Florence the art of Opera flourished. Opera is a play with musical accompaniment accompanied by singers.

  • Baroque and Rococo

The progress of music in the Middle Ages was marked by the emergence of new musical genres, including the Baroque and Rococo styles. The two schools are almost the same in nature, namely the use of Ornamentics (Musical Ornaments). The difference is that Baroque music uses Ornamentics which are given to spontaneous improvisation by the players, while in Rococo music all Ornamentic decorations are recorded (already arranged).

Isn’t it interesting that the explanation this time is related to the development and history of music? However, the explanation above is a bit of the history of the development of music in this world.

You can also find a variety of knowledge about music on various types of sites or websites that provide about music. So there are many more fun and uniqueness of music that you can find.

Hopefully this article can be helpful and useful for all of you. Thank you also for stopping by and joining us for a moment here. Have a nice day and thank you.


Popular Music Genres To Go Global

5 Popular Music Genres To Go Global – For music lovers, you must already understand and understand various types of music genres. As you know, the world of music is something that has no end or can be called without limits.

There are also many music genres because each country has a very distinctive type of music for its inhabitants. Not to mention including the regions of each population and their own country. In this world there are so many types of tribes and races, each of which also has regional songs and has different musical genres.

There are various types of music in this world, but only a few genres are popular to foreign countries or internationally. This is because not all genres of music or songs can be accepted by everyone in this world. Surely everyone’s ears must have different tastes in music.

However, the world of music has continued to develop until now, many new music genres are born and have various types of genres in this world. So the world of music really has no end for music lovers and they always create various types of unique songs even today.

5 Popular Music Genres To Go Global

In addition to the various types of music genres in this world, the musical instruments used have also followed technological developments, even though they are new, this new music genre is able and immediately becomes popular worldwide.

Well, here the admin will explain a little about 5 music genres that are now popular worldwide. As follows :

  • Jazz

Jazz music genre known in the 19th century which was adopted from the music culture of West Africa and Europe. Then developed in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century. In jazz music includes several music genres such as blues, ragtime and European band music.

Jazz music is usually played using a violin, piano, saxophone, bass, drums, guitar, trombone and trumpet. The hallmark of jazz music is very light and comfortable to listen to. The best popular jazz singers of all time include Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis and many more. Meanwhile, Indonesia has jazz musicians such as Erwin Gutawa, Indra Lesmana, Monita Tahalea, Tompi and many more.

  • Rock

Music genre rock is synonymous with the electric guitar which is the main instrument, after which the bass and drums follow. Eat, the music sounds so loud, rocky and energetic.

Rock music adopted from other music such as blues, jazz, country and classical. This genre was known in the 50s, until in the late 60s and early 70s this genre developed into several types that mixed with folk music, became folk rock, and merged with other musical genres. World famous rock bands like Gun N Roses, Queen, Pink Floyd and others.

  • Pop

The popularity of the pop music genre seems never ending. In every country there is always a song with this genre. Even though it has changed the ages, the pop music genre still exists. Pop genre was popular in Indonesia in the 70s to 80s.

Since its appearance until now, pop music still has the audience, even though it is the most from other genres. The word pop itself comes from the word popular, which originated in the United States and Britain in the mid-50s. Popular pop musicians include The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera and many more.

This pop song seems to never die, has passed through various ages and generations are still not eroded. In fact, as if there was no death. There are so many world and international pop singers.

  • EDM

EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music which appeared around the 80-90s. It’s just that, it has grown in popularity as recently as the 2000s. This genre tends to be favored by millennials. This music genre can be called modern music because it uses electronic musical instruments.

This music is usually played at night clubs and festivals. EDM music is usually played by a DJ (Disc Jockey). Famous EDM musicians who are loved by young people include Zedd, Calvin Harris, the late Avicii, and others. While Indonesia has Soundwave personnel, Rini ex Indonesian Idol and her husband, Jevin Julian, there has also recently been a viral international success with her song titled Lathi, namely Weird Genius.

  • R&B

R&B stands for Rhytm and Blues. It is popular music that contains several music genres: jazz, gospel, and blues. R&B music was first recognized by African-American musicians. The genre of R&B music popular in America around the 90s was aimed at black people.

But over time, R&B music as black music became music that was enjoyed by the whole world. Typical of this music are the more thematic lyrics and prominent musical beats. Famous R&B singer such as Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Rihanna and others.

So that’s the explanation about the music genre which is now very popular in the world to foreign countries. If you are a music lover, you must be familiar with music – music that is played using the 5 genres above.

Music can also be a tool to relieve stress and fatigue. Even this music can also be a means of therapy. The benefits of this music itself are still many and you can find them. Thanks You.


The Greatest Rock ‘N’ Roll Artists Of All Time

Rock’n’roll is a musical genre born in the United States at the end of the 1940s. It originates in rhythm’n’blues and country and goes down in history thanks to Elvis Presley. Over the years, rock has evolved into several sub genres and gives birth to true legends adored by millions of fans around the world.

Elvis Presley deserves his nickname of “King” with more than 700 million records sold during his lifetime. The singer recorded his first disc at the age of 18 and stood out in particular with his famous sway on stage. Among his greatest hits, we notably remember “Love me tender”, “Can’t help falling in love” or “Fever”.

The artist has also played roles in the cinema and turns in several dozen films. But it is always in the song that he distinguished himself by releasing 24 studio albums. In 1968, he was invited to the White House by President Nixon. He died in 1977 at the age of 42 in his villa in Memphis.

The Beatles marked the history of music forever. The group, made up of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Star and George Harrison rocked the world with timeless tracks such as “Hey Jude”, “Let it be” or “Come together” and many others. For a decade, the Beatles will produce 8 albums and 200 songs.

After the separation of the group in 1970, the members of The Beatles pursue their careers individually with varying degrees of success. The Beatles songs are among the most adapted and performed in the world. Going back to the works of The Beatles is a great idea to spend time with a Paris escort from

Another rock legend is guitarist Jimi Hendrix. His musical career was brief but earned him recognition as the greatest guitarist of all time. Jimi Hendrix is ​​a true genius of the electric guitar. He innovates in his improvisations, but also experiments with new sounds by using the wah-wah pedal or the feedback effect. Among his greatest titles we retain “The wind cries Mary” as well as “Hey Joe”. He died in 1970 at the age of 27 but despite his lightning career, left a great legacy to rock’n’roll.

Among the other rock greats who have marked history, it’s hard not to mention Bob Dylan. His music is much more steeped in folk and country rock. We also find a little Bob Dylan in the sounds of Manon D’Inverness.

More than a simple musician and performer, Bob Dylan is a true poet. His songs like “Like a Rolling Stone” or “Blowing in the Wind” marked several generations of fans. Beyond his talent, Bob Dylan considered a committed artist, although he does not assume this status. Since his debut in the 1960s, Bob Dylan has released more than thirty albums, the most recent of which is called “Fallen Angels”.


The Greatest Rock Songs That We Don’t Let Ourselves Listen To

The Greatest Rock Songs That We Don’t Let Ourselves Listen To – It’s hard to summarize rock in a few songs in front of the diversity of groups and talents that never cease to reveal themselves. When it comes to songs, the Rolling Stones magazine has unveiled a top 500 of the greatest songs of all time, as have the Times or the NME. Here are some rock songs that are considered timeless.

Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” can be considered the quintessential rock track with a fabulous guitar solo by Jimmy Page. The song was released in November 1971 and was part of the group’s fourth album. The success was immediate, “Stairway to Heaven” was not released as a single, however, nearly 1.2 million copies of the album were sold in the year of its release, or in nearly two months.

In 1975, the group Queen released “Bohemian Rhapsody” a song with opera-rock sounds. The song does not follow the structure of a rock song. It is composed of six distinct parts and does not include a chorus. The parties evolve in a capella then hard rock style. The song reached the top of the UK charts when it was released in 1975 and a second time in 1991. In 2004, the song was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

The song “Smells like teen spirit” revealed Nirvana to the world in the early 1990s. The song propelled Nirvana to star status, a status that the band members have difficulty assuming. Later, the group refused to even cover the song during their concerts. A true generation X anthem, “Smells like teen spirit” has been covered in several musical genres, ranging from jazz to human beatbox or electro.


The Rockiest Places In The World

There are many ways to travel, taste new dishes, try a new sport or follow in the footsteps of your idols. The greatest rock stars have left their mark in a special place. It could be their hometown, a famous studio or a legendary concert hall. Here are some indications of the most rocky places in the world.

Perhaps the best-known album cover is The Beatles crossing the street from Abbey Road. It is located in London in the boroughs of Cardem and Westminster. Every year, millions of tourists come to take their picture at this intersection. The famous pedestrian crossing of the street was registered in the British national heritage in 2010. Apart from the Beatles, many other artists recorded in the eponymous studio including in particular, Oasis, Radiohead or Pink Floyd.

On the other side of the Atlantic, more precisely in New York, Manhattan, is erected the most rock hotel of all time. The Chelsea Hotel was for several years the place where the greatest artists of the 1970s resided. Among the musicians we remember Sid Vicious, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Joan Baez. But we also find a large number of writers and visual artists who have stayed, most often free of charge, at this address. Since 2007, the hotel has been on sale but its lobby is still open to the public.

For fans of the King, the city of Memphis, Tennessee is the place to be. Graceland, Elvis Presley’s villa, is considered the second most visited house in the United States, after the White House. In particular, you can admire the singer’s stage clothes, his gold records and his numerous automobiles. Every year on August 16, the day of the King’s death, there is a fan rally in Graceland.


Biography Of Manon D’Inverness

With 3 albums to her credit and a 4 th in preparation, the release of which is scheduled for 2007 on Maraje records – we can say of Manon d’Inverness that she continues her path, always faithful to her roots and her vision of entertainment world.

Very young, the daughter of the grocer from the village of Inverness promises to make her dream come true. She who secretly played on her mother’s piano, she who, for lack of knowledge of music, invented words and melodies according to her inspiration; Manon d’Inverness tames her talent

When she was fifteen, she left school and began to sing at the inn in her village in the Bois-Francs. The energy and charisma of Manon from Inverness leave no one indifferent. Impressed, Loulou de Villières who worked at the inn will quickly become her first lyricist, Manon learns to master this voice that makes you lose your mind …

“Being often left to myself, I needed to be supervised. If I hadn’t had the music, I would have become pretty rock’n’roll. From the moment I knew exactly what I wanted to do, I made a plan in my head and followed it almost to the letter. I make very few concessions. In entertainment I have always presented original songs. Despite appearances, I knew very young where I was going ”. “This determination comes to me from the freedom I had as a little girl. I used this freedom and I did not get lost in it. “

In 1988, Manon from Inverness moved to Montreal. She met her first real manager and producer and until 1991, she would participate in the musical Starmania, tour Canadian military bases around the world, write songs and work on her voice. In January 1992, his eponymous first album was released. The first – and only single – ‘ ‘ Sur mon Highway ” had some success, but the long-awaited explosion did not happen. The singer disappointed, disillusioned but still so determined, then joins forces with Gaston Mandevilleand, together, they will present some shows. Gaston will also write two beautiful songs for her “À quoi ça c’est” and “Je Departai Also” that she has treasured and that she recorded on her 2 nd album “Vérités et autres mensonges”. A very noticed performance at Club Soda Mondays will definitely open the doors to the Quebec music industry.

In 1993, Manon d’Inverness, who only performed in the shadows, took off on a decisive adventure for her career: she was the official selection of the Quebec-America Antenna of the Printemps Network, and she left. present his show at the famous Bourges Spring Festival in France. Voiced, nervous in front of an unknown audience, in a few songs she upsets the established order and thwarts the worst fears – and bad tongues. Proclaimed Discovery of Printemps de Bourges, Manon returned to Quebec with a happy heart and no longer doubts. When I came back from Bourges, I really wanted to make a record, but I didn’t accept much. Poverty has never scared me! All my life I have only lived to make music and sing. I was ready to wait for the right offer. Me, all I wanted was my (inner) well-being. I didn’t want to be a number. “Negotiating a record contract means playing in your guts and in your pockets at the same time, it’s never easy to separate the two properly”

After many approaches with record companies, the singer chooses EMI Musique-Canada. The disc was recorded with the greatest discretion and reflects the artist: a meticulous realization, sophisticated arrangements, effective melodies and a voice… essential!

“I think I’m starting to know how to work. I am a very rigorous person. For example, for the new album, I didn’t have much fun at the start of the pre-productions. Serge Laporte, the arranger, always told me: ” You’ll see in the studio, all that will change! ”. I told him that I wanted it to sound ” live ” right away. I wanted to be as close as possible to the finished product. It was just a matter of getting it right. “Today I think so even more, except that I now know that what happens after the release of the disc is even more important than what is done before”

Manon d’Inverness is not a singer like the others. A bit rebellious, seed of rocker, she perfumes her interpretation of a calm serenity while her mischievous gaze rekindles the extinguished embers. Party for glory, she keeps a cold mind and moves forward, strong in the support of those close to her. For her, glory means making her dreams come true, singing, singing and singing again.

“I make music because I am made like that, and I never asked myself the question to know what I represented in relation to Quebec music. In absolute terms, I would rather be like everyone else, attracted by the stars, the inaccessible. I have a very precise vision of who I am and what I do. Whether or not you become a big star, you always have to remember that we are just singing songs. It puts things in perspective ”.

For her third album, J’t’arracherai rire , the singer worked with Tox records. An experience that left him a little sad. “I loved making this record, we worked like crazy to come up with a product that I still find extraordinary today. Except nobody knows I threw a record. “

With sales approaching 20,000 copies with EMI, she expected a progression for the next one, but for her it is only a postponement. “For the next one, we will do things differently, I already have the marketing plan in my hands and the record is not yet recorded, so I have confidence”

Manon from Inverness returns and continues on her way. There is nothing to stop it. As she repeats to everyone who meets her and who asks her what she does good, she candidly replies “I make music”