Biography Of Manon D’Inverness

With 3 albums to her credit and a 4 th in preparation, the release of which is scheduled for 2007 on Maraje records – we can say of Manon d’Inverness that she continues her path, always faithful to her roots and her vision of entertainment world.

Very young, the daughter of the grocer from the village of Inverness promises to make her dream come true. She who secretly played on her mother’s piano, she who, for lack of knowledge of music, invented words and melodies according to her inspiration; Manon d’Inverness tames her talent

When she was fifteen, she left school and began to sing at the inn in her village in the Bois-Francs. The energy and charisma of Manon from Inverness leave no one indifferent. Impressed, Loulou de Villières who worked at the inn will quickly become her first lyricist, Manon learns to master this voice that makes you lose your mind …

“Being often left to myself, I needed to be supervised. If I hadn’t had the music, I would have become pretty rock’n’roll. From the moment I knew exactly what I wanted to do, I made a plan in my head and followed it almost to the letter. I make very few concessions. In entertainment I have always presented original songs. Despite appearances, I knew very young where I was going ”. “This determination comes to me from the freedom I had as a little girl. I used this freedom and I did not get lost in it. “

In 1988, Manon from Inverness moved to Montreal. She met her first real manager and producer and until 1991, she would participate in the musical Starmania, tour Canadian military bases around the world, write songs and work on her voice. In January 1992, his eponymous first album was released. The first – and only single – ‘ ‘ Sur mon Highway ” had some success, but the long-awaited explosion did not happen. The singer disappointed, disillusioned but still so determined, then joins forces with Gaston Mandevilleand, together, they will present some shows. Gaston will also write two beautiful songs for her “À quoi ça c’est” and “Je Departai Also” that she has treasured and that she recorded on her 2 nd album “Vérités et autres mensonges”. A very noticed performance at Club Soda Mondays will definitely open the doors to the Quebec music industry.

In 1993, Manon d’Inverness, who only performed in the shadows, took off on a decisive adventure for her career: she was the official selection of the Quebec-America Antenna of the Printemps Network, and she left. present his show at the famous Bourges Spring Festival in France. Voiced, nervous in front of an unknown audience, in a few songs she upsets the established order and thwarts the worst fears – and bad tongues. Proclaimed Discovery of Printemps de Bourges, Manon returned to Quebec with a happy heart and no longer doubts. When I came back from Bourges, I really wanted to make a record, but I didn’t accept much. Poverty has never scared me! All my life I have only lived to make music and sing. I was ready to wait for the right offer. Me, all I wanted was my (inner) well-being. I didn’t want to be a number. “Negotiating a record contract means playing in your guts and in your pockets at the same time, it’s never easy to separate the two properly”

After many approaches with record companies, the singer chooses EMI Musique-Canada. The disc was recorded with the greatest discretion and reflects the artist: a meticulous realization, sophisticated arrangements, effective melodies and a voice… essential!

“I think I’m starting to know how to work. I am a very rigorous person. For example, for the new album, I didn’t have much fun at the start of the pre-productions. Serge Laporte, the arranger, always told me: ” You’ll see in the studio, all that will change! ”. I told him that I wanted it to sound ” live ” right away. I wanted to be as close as possible to the finished product. It was just a matter of getting it right. “Today I think so even more, except that I now know that what happens after the release of the disc is even more important than what is done before”

Manon d’Inverness is not a singer like the others. A bit rebellious, seed of rocker, she perfumes her interpretation of a calm serenity while her mischievous gaze rekindles the extinguished embers. Party for glory, she keeps a cold mind and moves forward, strong in the support of those close to her. For her, glory means making her dreams come true, singing, singing and singing again.

“I make music because I am made like that, and I never asked myself the question to know what I represented in relation to Quebec music. In absolute terms, I would rather be like everyone else, attracted by the stars, the inaccessible. I have a very precise vision of who I am and what I do. Whether or not you become a big star, you always have to remember that we are just singing songs. It puts things in perspective ”.

For her third album, J’t’arracherai rire , the singer worked with Tox records. An experience that left him a little sad. “I loved making this record, we worked like crazy to come up with a product that I still find extraordinary today. Except nobody knows I threw a record. “

With sales approaching 20,000 copies with EMI, she expected a progression for the next one, but for her it is only a postponement. “For the next one, we will do things differently, I already have the marketing plan in my hands and the record is not yet recorded, so I have confidence”

Manon from Inverness returns and continues on her way. There is nothing to stop it. As she repeats to everyone who meets her and who asks her what she does good, she candidly replies “I make music”